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The total for all 50,586 EU children would come to around £33million.

Other children receiving the support include 2,573 in Slovakia, 2,346 in France and 1,818 in Ireland. The Treasury figures emerged in reply to a Commons question submitted by Labour MP John Mann.

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Benefits are paid to 37,941 children in the former Eastern Bloc country, who have one or both parents working in the UK.

The cost is estimated at more than £24million a year.

British freshwater rod fishing byelaws are strict about fish being returned to the waters they come from to avoid stocks being depleted.

Mr Evans has previously claimed that he has caught some Polish anglers catching fish, bagging them up and dangling them under the water.

He has now launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise money for a discrimination case after the fishery ignored letters requesting that the sign is removed.