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The final sample consisted of data from 32,351 lesbians, 51,606 gay men, 405,021 straight women and 528,800 straight men taken from November 2003 to October 2010.

“The fact is that, despite what white daters might say, their behavior shows that they are most interested in other white daters.

But in contrast to minority men who are avoided by white straight women and gay men, minority women may be considered comparatively less racially threatening and more appealing than their male minority counterparts,” Lundquist and Lin hypothesize.

While straight men’s greater likelihood of messaging Asians over black women fits with national trends in heterosexual intermarriage, the researchers note, white straight women’s behavior does not.

Although white women are more likely to be married to a black man than an Asian man, Lundquist and Lin found that women daters ignore both Asian and black men about equally.

Condoms or not the chance of contracting something still exists.