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The show, starring Gillian as Agent Dana Scully, and David Duchovny as her FBI partner Fox Mulder, returned for its 11th season this week.But after just one episode, fans took to Twitter to criticize the story line, with one going as far as saying they felt 'violated'.The actress wore a glamorous navy dress which showcased her very slender frame.

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Shahidi, 17, spoke with The Post by phone the week before Christmas, before heading to Cancun for a family vacation. That was a fun challenge because Zoey for the past three seasons [on “Black-ish”] — even though she definitely evolved — we haven’t seen her in many environments other than her home. Within the context of “Black-ish,” she’s been very protected.

It really was as though I was creating a new character. She has to reinvent the wheel she thought she knew so well.

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,’” Shahidi says (she is currently taking a gap year before heading to Harvard in the fall of 2018).