Vernon hamilton dating denyce lawton

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Apparently Melyssa lied on Denyce (@Denyce Lawton) to certain folks in the industry, slept with other chicks' men, and now all the ho-tasticness has been put on blast: Who's man did Melly Ford get it in with? Something she clearly used to pride herself on and say separated her from all the other video chicks? She is nothing more than an old ass video hooker herself and that lame ass role on that lame ass ghetto tv show isn't anything to be proud of. Putting her on blast is saying "you did X, Y, Z" and making it believable. I wouldn't let my coworkers or boss see me cursing someone out. Dyne: LOL at Denyce thinking she’s better and relevant because of a small role on House of Payne. Over 30 years old and she still has yet to land a significant role in a feature film. That might be one of the funniest things I've ever heard. ) » Kevin Hart's Alleged Mistress Just Did A Press Conference With The THOT Union's Lawyer Lisa Bloom» Cardi B Claims She’s Just 'Getting Fat', But She's Stirring Up MORE Pregnancy Rumors Security Extra Tight After Gang Threats» Tisha Campbell Responds About ‘Martin’ Reboot After Martin’s Fiancée HINTS It's Coming Back » Woman Claims Tyler Perry Is Her Husband & He ‘Stole’ Her Eggs Questlove Is Being Sued Over Racial Discrimination Drama At NBC» CELEBS ON THE RUN! Fox, Tracee Ellis Ross & More Out In These Streets» Since They Drooled Over Melania's Dior Look, We Can Stan Over Meghan Markle's Perfectly Untraditional Pantsuit She Just Rocked» CROP TOPS, BABY BUMPS & SELFIES!