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Teachers aren’t uniquely sensitive creatures; they are experts in their field and, by voting with their feet and leaving their vocation, they are sending a warning to the Government that something is seriously wrong Schools are reaching a crisis point.

By 2025 there will be 3 million pupils of secondary school age, but not enough young people are choosing to become teachers themselves. Early last September, half of places on some such courses were sitting empty with just days to go before classes began.

Educational Psychologist Kairen Cullen continues: ''If children are spending hours at night on social media it is perfectly feasible that teachers will see the negative results of poor concentration, excessive tiredness and lack of engagement in learning in school.

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'If we have got circumstances where we have got children ostensibly being taught, but actually sitting in front of computers for a significant amount of time and not having routine access to a teacher for every lesson, then that would be a completely wrong departure.

Other schools using the system have introduced new roles that include 'master teachers' responsible for 'leading full-class or small group instruction' while the computers take on more of the routine tasks.

Seven in 10 British teachers believe children are becoming more and more obsessed with websites such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space.

Half of the 500 teachers polled believe this fixation is affecting the children's ability to concentrate in class.

And, when similar research was carried out last year, nothing had improved.