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The reductions in choice and the spike in costs are two glaring and enduring failures of Obamacare, affecting millions.

Democrats sold their failing law as a no-lose proposition under which everyone would benefit. Republicans must not fall into the same trap, even while working to minimize disruptions for vulnerable populations.

Elsewhere, the Left is arguing against the AHCA in full throat.

Here's one of President Obama's most infamous spinmeisters, who bragged about misleading journalists and the public while creating an "echo chamber" in support of the previous administration's policies, complaining that Paul Ryan is "lying" to the American people.

The tweak would add an additional $8 billion into a patient stabilization fund to help cover costs for a narrow band of consumers who: (a) have costly pre-existing conditions, (b) live in states that would seek and obtain a "community rating" waiver, and (c) have not obtained and maintained coverage prior to a new law going into effect.