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There were photos of stupid spelling mistakes in newspapers (but they weren’t very good ones) and lists of differences between English English and American English, quotations from various famous people about spelling, lists of ways our modern culture has bastardized the language further with things like internet acronyms, texting language, etc.

My favorite parts were the ones that dealt with the evolution of language; some of the humor essays on spelling were pretty amusing as well.

I suppose if you're obsessed with proper spelling you might enjoy this one, but honestly I'm not surprised I was able to get it for all of a dollar at Borders. Quotes: - About the 8th century people discovered how useful word spaces could be.

I've NEVER seen it spelled hiccough and even found a couple examples from the BBC website of the hiccup spelling.

In conclusion, I think this book would have been stronger if it had just stayed with one dialect and its history of spelling rules.

As amusing as he is informative, Vivian Cook thrills the reader with more than a hundred entries -- from photographs of hilariously misspelled signs to quizzes best taken in private to schadenfreude-rich examples of spelling errors of literary greats -- that will tickle the inner spelling geek in every reader. LOL) I think the author wrote it just because he was pissed off that people think he’s a woman because his name is Vivian. I think you might have to be British to truly 'get' this one.