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He harbored a lifelong animosity toward schools and teachers, saying: “Schools and schoolmasters, as we have them today, are not popular as places of education and teachers, but rather prisons and turnkeys in which children are kept to prevent them disturbing and chaperoning their parents”.

In brief, he considered the standardized curricula useless, deadening to the spirit and stifling to the intellect.

One of the libraries at the LSE is named in Shaw’s honor; it contains collections of his papers and photographs.

View Shaw’s Works for listings of his novels and plays, with links to their electronic texts, if those exist.

George Bernard Shaw was born in Synge Street, Dublin in 1856 to George Carr Shaw (1814–85), whose father was Bernard Shaw, an unsuccessful grain merchant and sometime civil servant, and Lucinda Elizabeth Shaw, née Gurly (1830–1913), a professional singer.