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He was very involved, along with Jason Lindsey, in helping us get our Model 1 neck making process switched over to CNC production, also with a lot of input from Rich De Witt, our shop supervisor here.Santa Cruz has become a magnet for talented luthiers the past 25 years. My main admin assistant, Jayme Kelly Curtis, put on an art exhibit a few months ago featuring the work of 18 local luthiers…and that meant 18 literally separate guitar making shops, all in Santa Cruz County.Now my most hands-on aspects of building tend to be at the beginning of the process…acquiring wood, figuring out how to get the best yield from it, laying out parts, and doing most of the CNC operating here, and then close to the end of the process…doing the finish work.

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Customers have been asking Denny to build this instrument for such a long time that he finally gave in and designed what many are calling the best acoustic on the market today.

We’ve had players put this guitar up against the best from Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Fender, Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, and we never get them back, even with our 100% money back guarantee.

Larry Robinson, the guy you taught to do inlays back in the 70’s will actually be doing the inlays for this guitar… Yeah, Larry is one of my oldest and dearest friends in the California lutherie scene.

He worked for me at Alembic forty years ago in the infamous “chicken shack” guitar and bass factory.

These guitars remain true to my original vision of a solid body guitar that would have superior acoustic qualities embedded in the wood.