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He told me she was not his type, but he had already committed to taking her out and did not want to disappoint.Each date I have been on since then, I have secretly wondered if the same thing was happening to me.

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So what better way to meet new people and improve your French than dating a French man? I have dated casually for years, so I felt I was equipped to handle the dating game in Paris.

But coming from Cleveland, Ohio, I have dated only American guys.

Dating It turns out, the very concept of dating is totally American. You probably know the famous phrase “rendez-vous,” but that literally translates to “meet up” or “appointment.” Without the concept of dating, there are no dating rules you can follow in France.

For many Americans, the third date holds a lot of weight.

I already thought men were difficult to understand generally, but learning a whole new dating culture has been more challenging than anticipated.