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SQLJ cannot be used inside stored procedures, functions, or triggers., Oracle Database and related technologies, such as Oracle Clusterware, no longer support the direct use of raw (block) storage devices (reference Bug 13503952).

With the minimum versions of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Oracle Solaris listed below, you can use DAX hardware acceleration for Oracle Database 12c in-memory database operations.

The minimum requirements for using DAX are as follows: block cipher chaining modifier to configure ciphertext encryption to use output feedback (OFB) mode, then due to Oracle Bug 13001552, the result is that the configuration used electronic codebook (ECB) mode erroneously.

The result of this equijoin depends on collation which can change on a session by session basis, giving an incorrect result in the case of query rewrite or an inconsistent materialized view after a refresh operation.

Expressions generate internal conversion to character data in the select list of a materialized view, or inside an aggregate of a materialized aggregate view.

After performing a When using or refreshing certain materialized views, you must ensure that your NLS parameters are the same as when you created the materialized view.