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Now aged 43, his most significant post- was a late '90s action thriller about a young homeless woman (Wilson) who's framed for murder by an anti-terror organisation.

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Louis's life gets a less thorough treatment, probably because it's a bit less dramatic, but either way I learned a lot about both fighters -- and the countries they represented.

If anything, what The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (aka LXG) does best is give us an original concept for action heroes: a group of characters picked from famous literary works united to fight a common enemy.

In LXG the film, a madman named "The Phantom" is bent on turning the nations of the world against each other in one gigantic World War.

It's up to the British government to thwart his plan, and they have assembled a handsome crew to get the job done.

That's because, despite his early success, Jack decided to retire from acting.