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Broadbill here average 150kg and 400 kg is possible.

Local commercial boats have weighed them at 500 KG (1100lb) once they have been gutted and headed. The Three Kings and Far North area is rated as one of the best Broadbill fisheries in the world and is likely to produce the next Broadbill World Record.

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– Average catch: 150 to 250KG (551lbs) – Big Ones: Often landed at over 300kg and over 400kg (881lb) a real possibility. – Details Blues: Absolutely out of this world madness with jumps all over the ocean and incredible direction changes.

– Season: From January to late June – Eating 75: Poor cooked table fish or sashimi. They often burn themselves out in first hour and sometimes die.

– Rail Power Rail 110: See Striped Marlin details but these go even harder.