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We laughed together as she spilled the tea on revealing personal information about the people closest to her, what it was like voicing her story aloud, and how much dating sucks. You don't really have to.’ I just kind of started writing in this funnel of just getting my feelings out and working through some things. You must be so brave to say what you said.’ And I’m like — oh crap. Because I kind of wrote without expecting that people would read it.”So where did you write? My truth isn’t any less true than yours."My biggest concern is always mostly my family, because your family is such a huge impact on who you are and who you are not, especially your parents. “Definitely the audiobook because I feel like you need to know who I am in order to read the book. I mean, I could never play it and it’s worse because I’m recognizable now. What they want is a pilot relit and they flirt with me to get it.

So I would usually have to take a shower first [chuckles]. It would just be me and my laptop for eight hours minimum.”What was the biggest risk you took in writing this book?

It would take me a while to figure out what to write.

I think they try their best, but they carry all the ways their parents hurt them. ’ And then I was reading the book while doing the audiobook and I was like ‘Goddamn Gabby, peel the onion! Hopefully, I did a pretty good job of writing in my voice as best as possible. Can a fairy just come down and move my life three years forward to the point where I am married and pregnant?

You'll meet a great guy but say you know, I'm not focused on that and you'll let a lot of good ones get away." Senior Digital Love and Relationships editor Charli Penn does some deep digging; inquiring as to why so many women struggle with being bossy in the boardroom and the bedroom as well as answering the lifelong question of "am I asking for too much?

" "A lot of women feel like they have so much power during the day.

Unlike popular dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, there’s no swiping.