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According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Hayes and Tichelman had exchanged messages and met in person “a few times” before the yacht meet-up that ended with Hayes’ death.

A surveillance video showed that Tichelman did not attempt to help the dying Hayes, and in fact finished a glass of wine before drawing the blinds and leaving the yacht.

CNN has published excerpts of some of Tichelman’s poetry, including a poem about cocaine.

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According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, Biggam argued that Tichelman had no reason to kill Hayes.

This was because Hayes was paying Tichelman so well.

You can see the sort of images Tichelman would use to entice her alleged clients in our gallery of her best Twitter pics.

You can see Tichelman’s beauty expertise in the makeup tutorial video she uploaded to You Tube, which is embedded below: Check out an interview with Seeking Arrangement CEO Brandon Wade in the video above.

Additionally, sources close to the investigation have been quoted as saying that officials “know what she did in the aftermath of this.” Tichelman’s Google searches and computer records are in the hands of the authorities, and some of those searches appear to be incriminating.