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It was but natural that he should have grown to love his distinguished, saintly pupil, and it is said that ever afterwards he could not restrain his tears whenever the name of St. Something of his old vigour and spirit returned in 1277 when it was announced that Stephen Tempier and others wished to condemn the writings of St.

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His fame is due in part to the fact that he was the forerunner, the guide and master of St. He deserves credit not only for bringing the scientific teaching of the Stagirite to the attention of medieval scholars, but also for indicating the method and the spirit in which that teaching was to be received.

Thomas Aquinas, but he was great in his own name, his claim to distinction being recognized by his contemporaries and by posterity. Like his contemporary, Roger Bacon (1214-94), Albert was an indefatigable student of nature, and applied himself energetically to the experimental sciences with such remarkable success that he has been accused of neglecting the sacred sciences ( Henry of Ghent, De scriptoribus ecclesiasticis, II, x).

In 1254 Albert was elected Provincial of his Order in Germany.

He journeyed to Rome in 1256, to defend the Mendicant Orders against the attacks of William of St.

In the year 1270 he sent a memoir to Paris to aid St.