Sovereign grace dating

Larry Tomczak reported that Mahaney had gone out of his way to rebuild their relationship after 13 years of estrangement.

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Tomczak was investigated and no charges were filed against him.

All of the others who were named in the lawsuit, including Covenant Life Church pastors in Maryland, Sovereign Grace employees, and Fairfax Church in Virginia, were also investigated by law enforcement and no charges were brought.

Additionally, the Sovereign Grace churches in Indiana and Altoona, PA, Sarasota and Daytona Beach, FL and Charlottesville, VA cut ties with the movement during this period.

Daytona Beach's pastor Jesse Jarvis noted a “leadership culture characterized by excessive authority and insufficient accountability” as rationale for the church's departure.

The original apostolic team comprised Mahaney, Tomczak, Detweiler and Bill Galbraith.