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Sling Blade regaled us with tales of his emotionally distant, risk-averse and over-protective parents, who split time yelling at him and cloistering him in his room.

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He was actually upset about leaving the sped class, because he liked the coloring and frequent snack times.

He also told us about the time he and his brother, then aged 9 and 11, watched from the locked car while their dad beat up a mugger, nearly killing him by repeatedly smashing his head into the hood and fender, spraying blood all over the car [I have subsequently met El Bingeroso’s father, and believe me–he is not a man to cross. But what really distinguished him from the rest of us was that he was truly in love and actually had a stable life.

The fact that he grew up smart but a social outsider, forced him to learn game the hard way and also planted a devious retributive mean streak.

Even though he is more often than not the voice of reason to the group, he is also the one who will manipulate an 18 year old into sex with lies and deception.

She did not possess the same integrity, so she cheated on him. And didn’t tell him until he went down to visit her and noticed that guys kept coming by her room, asking what she was up to later that night.