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In life, Buhl Woman ate abundant bison and elk, as well as salmon heading upriver to spawn.

Sloping surfaces and heavily worn enamel on her teeth – unusual for someone so young – indicate that her diet included frequent doses of sand or grit, as if her meat had been pounded or stoneground into a jerky.

They need the myth of their first arrival theory to hold true, any threat to this and they have no true claim on the lands, that’s what this is real about, it has nothing to do with native rights of burial or any of that bull crap.

If whites had a skeleton which proves beyond any doubt (which we have) that we or anyone else was here first (mainly our people where here first) then the mongoloids who crossed the bearing straight don’t have any right to steal money from the white devils as they do now.

Also preserved were his rabbit fur robe, two shrouds of woven tule reeds, and well-worn moccasins of three kinds of animal hide, sewn with hemp and sinew, and patched on the soles.

‘s newsbrief on the Spirit Cave Man, from the September/October 1996 issue Found: July 1996, in Kennewick, Wash.

The cave’s climate preserved patches of skin and reddish-brown shoulder-length hair on the skull, making him North America’s oldest mummy.