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If you go to my demo admin, and login with userid "test" password "test" you can see Better Together Admin live. (This is a Zen Cart but the os Commerce admin panel looks and works the same.) Discounts are listed in the order they were created.

Discounts can currently be deleted but not edited directly; instead, to edit a discount, delete the existing one and create a new one.

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Updating oscommerce

Wir möchten unsere Produkte für alle zugänglich machen und veröffentlichen unsere Lösungen völlig kostenlos unter Open Source Lizenzen an.

Wir leiten auch eine wachsende Community von Shopbetreibern, Entwicklern, Dienstleistern und Partner die sich einander weiter helfen.

The "Buy" dropdown is automatically populated with a complete list of categories, with a list of products for the selected category, and the "Get" dropdown is automatically populated with a complete list of categories.

Choose the correct category, then the correct product within that category for the "Buy" item.

This free software is widely supported and has a large community of users who also contribute to Online Merchant’s ongoing development.