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More likely Jesus died 4000 years from creation at the end the fourth day and that puts us in the last days (last three days of the week) just like scripture claimed ever since the death of Jesus.

God’s Spirit would not strive with man in the millennium because His Spirit will have been poured out on all flesh.

All will have the knowledge of the Lord in the millennial reign.

The seven-day model and prophetic “types” should be rather obvious since the Jewish system was based on six days of work and one day of rest.

Even in the New Testament we see it played out in Mr 9:2 when Jesus is shown in His glory to Peter, James, and John after six days.

The reason I bring this up is because I think the return of Jesus and the millennial rest will begin 2000 years from the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. For example, there is the creation week and the two passages where it says that a day is as a thousand years to the Lord (Ps 90:4, 2 Pet 3:8) and six times in Revelation it mentions that our reign with Jesus, when Satan is bound, will be for one thousand years (one Sabbath day).